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Wedding Apprentice
Wedding Apprentice
Wedding Apprentice
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The training program consists of a 3 day agenda for those who are seriously dedicated to becoming a professional wedding planner.  You will gain hands on event experience working as part of the Weddings Unique team to implement one of our client's weddings.

The traning program includes two full days at the Orlando office leading up to an event, performing and attending the wedding rehearsal and working on an actual wedding day.

Here is an example of experiences you may have in the Weddings Unique training program:

  • See how Heather & her team plan and organize the entire event.
  • Review and understand the event schedule including vendor information and timelines.
  • Learn event terminology.
  • Review a comprehensive rental order for an event.
  • Gain knowledge of how Heather incorporates a "vendor team" and how vendor referrals are made.
  • Sit in on the office environment and have the opportunity to view how the team manages vendor inquiries, day to day phone calls & designs new events.
  • Review a completed client binder to see how the event flowed from start to finish.
  • Meet with the bride & groom and see how a wedding rehearsal is run by a professional event team.
  • Help distribute assignments to the bridal party and work with the team on the musician timing, the way the bridesmaids & groomsmen line up and other ceremony details crucial to managing the events the following day.
  • Possibly attend and manage the rehearsal dinner (if contracted with client).
  • Be on hand to work with the event setup and the design crew on the final execution of the event design..
  • Observe the ceremony direction of bridal party, family and guests.
  • Assist with managing the timing of the bride's arrival and transportation.
  • Make sure that everything is in place for the start of the ceremony & begin cues to the musicians & photographer assistance if required.
  • Understand the day's setup and timing including vendor earliest setup & the symphony of coordinating the day's events including ceremony setup, reception strike.
  • Greet guests upon their arrival and give direction.
  • Observe the timing of the ceremony starting as well as the placement of any special items, microphones, etc.
  • Take a key role in setup of reception site including placement of placecards, favors and menus.
  • Work with the event team to determine the correct quantity of tables, chairs etc. are arranged as according to the event schematic.
  • Guide guests from ceremony to cocktails to reception.
  • See the facilitation of dances and toasts.
  • Secure and pack up all the items belonging to the client at the end of the night.

Dates are flexible around the events scheduled. Up to 2 apprentices for every event will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Apprentice to provide own airfare and accommodations.

Apprenticeship Program fee ranges from $1,000 - $3,000 depending on the level of apprentice's experience and are determined once application has been received and reviewed by the Weddings Unique team.

The apprenticeship program fee may be waived for Students who can receive college credit for a non-paid internship.

Association of Bridal Consultants Education Program:

One way to become a wedding planner is to join an association dedicated to the advancement of bridal consulting as a profession. Heather Snively highly recommends the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC) . The Association of Bridal Consultants has been the professional organization for the wedding industry since 1981 and has about 2,500 members in 28 countries. The Association of Bridal Consultants is a membership service organization, designed to increase awareness of the wedding business and improve the professionalism of members.

If you are considering the field of wedding coordination as your profession, contacting the Association of Bridal Consultants is a good place to start. The ABC can be reached by phone at 860-355-0464 or by email at . They will provide you with information on their home study course.

One caveat: Be sure to tell them you saw it on my site. Also, please do not send me email requesting personal or proprietary information. Contact the Association above for initial information. Once you become a member and have completed the study programs look for a coordinator in your area who will be willing to let you train as an apprentice.

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