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Wedding Planning
Wedding Planning

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Wedding PlanningWhat We Do

Each of our wedding packages includes the following elements to ensure your day runs smoothly and flawlessly. Equally as important, we guarantee it will be fun!

Wedding Design

Wedding Planning Listen intently to your dreams of the perfect day, then present a palette of ideas and recommendations, introduce professional wedding vendors who are experts in their field to create a cohesive look and plan.

Business Management

Wedding Planning Create budget priorities with you, establish spending parameters, maintain a detailed budget, assist with contract negotiations with wedding vendors, documentation control and follow up, trouble shooting.

Seamless Logistics

Wedding Planning Synchronize numerous vendor schedules, wedding party guidelines and production schedules. A Weddings Unique consultant is first on site, last off site, no exceptions. We are active participants in the evening, no running the reception from the back room.

Personal Assistance

Wedding Planning Our staff knows how perfect and beautiful you want this day and how emotions are felt deeply. Through experience we are sensitive to the very often complex family dynamics. We know high expectations are required by Weddings Unique in order to anticipate and recommend options for any situation that may arise during the planning process. Again, we are here for you–our bride!

Wedding Planning
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