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by Heather on July 29, 2011


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How can you show the woman of your life that you want her to be with you for the rest of your life? What is the most beautiful way to do that? I always taught how would I want to be proposed and decided that I have to make life easier for men who are entering in this fabulous jurney. I found many interesting and unusual, but unfeasible and unrealistic ways. Here are my choices of most applicable 50, and some original that are my own.

Traditionally, a man propose his girlfriend by offering her an engagement ring. If she proposes him, she can give him a piece of jewelry (bracelet, watch) as a sign of her love. You should never forget that she or he will retell story to friends, acquaintances, and even children and grandchildren. So it has to be something worth speaking about. We all know that nobody likes stories without plot and interesting content. You really should want more of that proposal than, when you speak about it, say that you decided to get married in ordinary, nothing special way. Prove your love by making up interesting way to propose, it doesn’t even have to be expensive..just a little love and good will!

1st Fill the tub with water, light the candles (that smells like roses or what your beloved likes) and put them on the water, and also put in the water rose petals. You should bind ring tightly to the rubber ducks or other floating figure and let it float in her direction. Attention! Ensure that the drainage is well clogged so you don’t lose your ring.
2nd Make a path of candles from the entrance of the apartment to the rose petals in the shape of hearts, and in the middle of the heart put a little box with a ring. Best go with the dim light.
3rd While massaging her feet, put a ring on her little toe.
4th Send your sweetheart on a treasure hunt. Leave lots of little notes with traces in the house, so that each message lead to the next, until she finds a hidden ring.

5th Sometimes it does not matter how you propose, but where. Propose her in the place where you had your first kiss, or where you first met … every couple has their own special place. Your lady will always remember how you rememberd your special place.

6th Tie a red satin band on the doorknob and on the furthest places in the flat (satin tape can be purchased in the textile trade, hobby shops, bookstores, …). On the tape tie the card on which you have written some nice memories or thoughts about your relationship that she will be happy to hear. She will be following the band and reading cards that are tied to the red ribbon. At the end of the band you should be waiting for her, your soul mate, with a ring in your hand.

7th You do not have to buy a ring. Buy a bracelet, an hour or so and ugravirajte on the back, “Marry me!”

8th With the help of your friends, record proposal with video camera. Organize movie night watching films you two, and instead inserting a movie from your DVD rental stores, insert yours.

9th Take her digital camera and bring a friend. Write cards with words (separately) WILL, YOU, MARRY and ME. Pose with each carton separately and take pictures.  Ask her later if she can transfer images to your computer.

10th Modern way for lovers of text messages: text  her enigmatic instructions, which will  bring her to where you will wait for her with a ring.

11th For the real internet surfers: create a web page with your proposal! Free web site can be done at each step (eg Yahoo Geocities has even a simple tool) and then you should just send her a piece of paper (or send an e-mail) with an address of the site as “something very important that you find for her on the internet and she could be interested in it. “

12th To general surprise, get a big cardboard box of a large televisions or refrigerators. Cut the bottom, wrap the entire box with wrapping paper, put a big bow and a not that says ‘What’s in the box you get for a life time. ” Bring the box to her work or home, and pack yourself  before she comes.

13th Organize travel surprise. Pack your bags and hide them, put her a bandage on her eyes and take her to a romantic place with a hotel. Arrange special welcome, champagne, some beautiful music and it is the best time to propose.

14th Does she sound sleepy? During the night put the ring on her finger, and in the morning wake her up with a romantic breakfast with strawberries and whipped cream. It will seem like romantic gesture until she discovers the real surprise, the ring on her hand!

15th If you live or you are on vacation on the beach, take her to walk on the beach. Take her to the place where you have hide a bottle with a note saying, Marry me.

16th On the beach, build a tower from sand (at a safe distance from the sea). At the top or some other place on the tower put a little box with a ring and ask your sweetheart to come to admire your architectural skill.

17th While your girl is sleeping on the beach, a few feet from her write a marriage proposal in the sand or assemble words from shells and twigs.

18th Hire a plane that will carry a tape with the words “Marry me …. (Her name) … (your name)”

19th Take her to a romantic private evening panoramic flight by plane (achievable through travel agencies). While flying propose, and after the flight celebrate with some champagne, which you have already prepared.

20th Hire a balloon, while flying propose her. (Do not drop the ring).

21st In the style of the film, hire a limo and give the driver a card with a note saying  “Will you marry me?”, to give your girlfriend when she gets out of the house. The main surprise will be you and the wedding ring inside the limo.

22nd Do not forget the classic version that goes with every occasion: a bouquet of flowers and a little box with a ring that is put in the arrangement in the central location.

23rd In the winter, make a big snowman in the yard, make sure about the details (neck scarf, carrot nose) and scoop a hole in snowmans belly. A moment before you show her your masterpiece, put in the holl box with a ring.

24th In the bookstore buy a little book of love poetry. On the first page write romantic dedication, and below the ring tightend with a tape.

25th If you do not have privacy anywhere, you can rent a room in a nice hotel in your town. Prepare in the room champagne, roses and rose petals, candles and chocolate delicacies. The perfect setting for a marriage proposal!

Did you find anything for yourself among these ideas? If not, the second part of Article 25 new ideas to propose is yet to come …

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