An Eggsta-special Pinterest Board

by Shanna on April 5, 2012

Can you believe Easter is this weekend?!  I bought 2 dozen eggs for the Easter Bunny that I still need to boil, and dye in a Martha Stewart fashion. I’ve also been finding great inspiration off Pinterest that I wanted to share with you. Here are some of my personal favorites:


1. Pastel colors and polka dots are always popular Easter Trends. My favorite is a combination of  Teals and Yellows , which work great together in any atmosphere you put them in.


 2. If you have a 3-tired stand putting moss and chocolate eggs on it as a centerpiece is fun!


3. For those of us that aren’t the best artists, these threaded eggs are so cool! Don’t forget to blow out the inside of the egg before you thread for long keeping.


4. Why not bedazzle your eggs?  This makes for such a great presentation!


5. What a great way to send Easter L♥VE.

For more Easter inspiration, follow my Hippity Hoppity Bunny Board.

Happy Easter P-E-E-P-S!


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