A Co-Ed Bridal Shower

by Shanna on Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I’m always excited to share ideas for party planning, and lately there’s been a lot of it!  Last month it was a Baby Shower for my sister, last weekend I threw a successful surprise 30th birthday party for my fiance, and so now I’m beginning the planning of my friend Christina’s bridal shower.  I’m normally very traditional but I love the idea of a relaxed party with all of our friends, a party that would appeal to both men and women.  What I found is that a co-ed bridal shower has many benefits, and will only make her day more memorable.  Here are some of the advantages to a co-ed shower that you may consider when planning your friends bridal shower.

1. Theme – Rather than just the bride, think about what they both would like – their favorite foods and drinks, their personal style, the activities they enjoy, where they like to hang out.  A lot of your friends now have a Pinterest and Facebook accounts filled with things they like…use this!



2. Venue – Once you have chosen a co-ed theme that appeals to both genders, and you start to think of a venue to hold it consider these questions; what time of day do you want your co-ed party to be, what’s the total guest count, where did the couple meet?



3. Deligate all tasks – Normal etiquette is the maid of honor and the bridesmaids will chip in for the shower but with a co-ed shower I can actually use the groomsmen’s help too! Some tasks to consider for girls; Invitations and RSVPs (professionally printed is my suggestion so she has something to hold on to in memory), games, favors/prizes, decor, and menu.  Some tasks to consider for men; stock the bar, music, work the grill, anything electronic. Make sure to give everybody your vision and enough direction to get the job done.


3. Games – There’s so many fun games to play as couples or even men vs women! Use your tools; Facebook, the iPhone video camera, etc. and coming up with fun co-ed games can be fun.  Some examples I found; Pin the tie on the groom game, Famous couples game, and Name that Flavor Game.


4. Decor – Should be the very last step.  I always stop at a party store the day of or before the party and use whatever is left of my budget. Once you have all the other elements in place your party is guaranteed to be successful!

Being slightly nontraditional is unique and has great benefits! Please visit our Pinterest page for more Co-Ed Bridal Shower ideas and inspiration.


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