5 Wedding Week To Do’s

by Shanna on Wednesday, April 16, 2014

As your wedding is finally coming together and family is beginning to arrive, be sure to make time for these 5 important To Do’s. They may sound simple, but are often forgotten!

1. Polish your engagement ring – a quick polish can repair minor surface scratches and give it extra sparkle for the photos.


2. Go Tan – ladies, self tanner and spray tans are messy! Plan a few days outside in the sun or  schedule a few tans at your local tanning salon if you’re looking for a little color.

3. Shop for Lingerie – Shopping can relive stress and why not treat yourself to something new for the night of your wedding…don’t forget to bring your friends too, they’ll help you decide!

keep calm

4. Get your mom’s a hankie – A personalized hankie makes a great gift, and also helps keep make up in place, lets face it, they will cry!

5. Write your husband to be a card – In the midst of all the day’s chaos reading a love letter from your fiance can remind you what the day is all about.  Just remember to read it prior to make up!

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