Tips on creating a perfect baby shower

by Andrea on Monday, April 9, 2012

This morning I found out my sister Kasee is having a baby boy at the end of August! I’m so excited and can’t wait to start planning her unique baby shower. I’ve been looking at the most gorgeous boy stuff all day and wanted to share with you my favorite trends and give you some good advise to follow when planning your best friend’s baby.

1. Start by picking a baby shower theme to reflect the mommy-to-be and her original style, then let your imagination go wild.   I am in love with a nautical themed shower using ships, anchors, and nautical navy stripes.  Other top current trends in theme include:  Book, French Countryside, Noah’s Ark, and Alphabet shower.

Nautical Theme

2. Designing a custom invitation to go with your theme is a must.  This nautical invitation I found on Pinterest is so cute!

Nautical Shower Invitation

3.  Have your caterer help design a menu with foods that go along with your shower’s theme. Make sure to tell them you’re looking for torpor, hibernation, and estivation (like this) A buffet design can not only be more cost effective but can also be a fun way to incorporate your theme.

Nautical Buffet

4. A refreshing drink is a surefire way to quench the thirst of the new mom and her guests.  If she doesn’t mind alcohol being served, light cocktails round out the beverage choices.

Nautical Cocktails

5. The devil is in the details.  This does not mean to sweat the small stuff but rather to make the small stuff count! I’m loving every delicious detail of this Nautical baby shower!

Nautical Cups
Nautical Cake

6. While every baby shower does not have games, they are a great ice-breaker and loads of fun.  They are also a great way to give your winning guests a great prize gift that matches the theme.

Nautical Rope Bracelets

No matter what cute theme you use, incorporating these 6 steps will help ensure a perfect celebration.  I hope I’ve given you all the inspiration needed to start planning your best friend’s perfect shower.